Boston to Austin Moving

Boston to Austin Movers: You’re Gonna Love Life in Texas!

We’ll tell you a quick story about the first time we helped a client move from Boston to Austin. We’d gone straight to their new home; unpacked, reassembled and made sure that

they felt set-up and secure. After we’d said our goodbyes, we realized that we were starving! Just around the corner we found a guy selling brisket sandwiches. You could call it a food truck, but really it was a smoker the size of a small camper hitched to the back of a truck. We sat in plastic chairs at plastic tables and watched the guy slap an outrageous stack of Texas style brisket between two slices of Wonder Bread. It was the best sandwich any of us had ever eaten! Moving to Austin is a great decision; amazing food, a fantastic live music scene, beautiful river and lake escapes. You’re gonna love it!


Moving from Boston to Austin: With a Little Help, It’ll be Fun

Before you can gorge yourself on Tex-Mex and work it off kayaking down the Colorado River, we need to help you make the Boston to Austin move. Despite the distance (2000 miles!) there is nothing complicated about the trip. We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again and we’re willing to bet that these are the questions you’re dying to ask:


How much does it cost?

That’s everyone’s first question! We get it. You’re looking for the cheapest way to move from Boston to Austin. Well, cheap plus a healthy dose of reputation and trust! Moving Boston to Austin takes 7-days and the price starts at $3600. It’s a simple formula: mileage + the cubic footage of your belongings. There are no hidden fees – no “you didn’t tell me blankets cost extra” nonsense. We keep it simple because we want the service we provide to be the deciding factor not a few nickels and dimes.


Do you pay for fuel and tolls?

Fuel and tolls are included in your quote. Relocating Boston to Austin is nothing new for the Cratos team. We know exactly how long it takes and exactly how much it costs. No doubt there are plenty of Boston moving companies that’ll offer to take you, but how many of them really know the way?


Do you provide moving insurance?  

Your Boston to Austin move comes with a comprehensive moving insurance policy of up to 20k that protects both your possessions and any damage to your home or business. We take every precaution because there’s a lot of road to cover and we don’t want you to worry about every little bump along the way.


How about GPS tracking?

We provide that too. We’ll be crossing through New York, Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas on your move from Boston to Austin; diverse, interesting places that we’ll see very little of because we’ll be sticking to the straightest, safest routes available. Use live GPS tracking to keep tabs on us while you make your way across the beautiful country of ours! 


What’s the Cratos Moving experience like?

Our goal is to save you time and money while reducing stress every step of the way. The start-to-finish process is really simple:

Step One: Furniture Disassembly

Step Two: Blanket Wrapping & Loading

Step Three: Transportation

Step Four: Unwrapping & Reassembly


All Boston to Austin movers follow the same basic steps, but when you choose Cratos Moving it’s the intangibles that stand out. We offer the lowest possible cost backed by convenience and care.


Cost, Care & Convenience: Our Moving from Boston to Austin Promise


You’re moving to Austin! The cost of picking up your life in New England and transporting it to the heart of Texas is about more than dollars and cents. Cratos is one the cheapest movers in Boston but reduced time, effort and stress are the real savings we provide.



We disassemble with care. We drive with care. We reassemble with care. You’re starting a new life in a new part of the country. With so much change ahead, it’s important that certain pieces of your life are exactly the same. Trust us with those pieces. We’ll get them there safely.



Moving isn’t fun even when it’s just around the block; favors asked, muscles pulled. Moving from Boston to Austin? That’s a whole other ballgame! The DIY method is certainly possible but when you add up all the other factors; a new home to decorate, new job, new schools, new everything:  is packing up and transporting your stuff a chore you really want to take on? We live for this. Let us carry the load.


Moving to Austin: Don’t Unpack, Unwrap!

You’re moving to one of the most culturally rich cities in the U.S. Relocating to Austin is going to be an incredible move for you, and since we’ll be handling all of the heavy lifting, you’ll have plenty of time to plan ahead!   

While we’re packing up your life in Boston…


Decide Where You Want to Eat in Austin

Remember that brisket sandwich we told you about? Austin is renowned for its food scene and deservedly so! Hit up Vaquero Taquero for lunch and Sixth & Waller for dinner. Make a list and start checking it off one delicious bite at a time!

While we are somewhere between Boston and Austin…


Check Out the Austin Music Scene

You’ve probably heard of the big music festivals like South by Southwest (SXSW) but Austin got its reputation in the bars and intimate joints. Start at Stubb’s BBQ or Antone’s, then go where the music takes you!

While we’re unpacking at your new address...


Explore the Great Outdoors, Austin Style!

The Colorado River, the Barton Creek Greenbelt, Zilker Park; Austin is paradise for nature lovers. Get out and walk around, it’s the best way to learn about a new town.   

Moving from Boston to Austin is going to be the adventure of a lifetime. Do your research, ask around, but you won’t find a better Boston moving company than Cratos Moving. We’ll take care of the lifting and loading so you can enjoy the journey!