Storage is not always available when you live in a residence that may be lacking in closet or other types of storage space. Yet, you may feel apprehensive about storing contents that have monetary or sentimental value in another location. This dilemma forces many to add unwanted clutter to their homes without a trustworthy place to contain all of these important possessions. The staff at Cratos truly understands. We are not just Boston movers – we are a full-service relocation company that offers storage solutions among many other amenities to a variety of consumer types such as:

  • College students who need a place to store belongings during school breaks.
  • Individuals traveling short term abroad or cross-country.
  • Residents relocating to a new household.
  • People who are starting residential or commercial renovation projects.
  • Offices that do not have enough space for extra supplies and equipment.
  • Companies that need warehousing for surplus inventory.


Unlike some of the other moving companies in Boston, MA, Cratos offers containment upon our trucks on an overnight basis to provide temporary storage if you are delayed entering your new home or business location. Also, this is ideal if you are having repairs done to your space and need a place to put your furnishings for a few hours.

Benefits of storing within our facility or on our truck will include the following:

  • The best Boston movers handling and transporting your belongings.
  • Meticulously clean environment.
  • Pest free.
  • Moisture and humidity free.
  • Climate controlled.
  • 24-hour live and digital security.
  • Top of the line surveillance system.

Cratos cannot be beat by any of the other Boston movers, because we care and we want to be the company that can serve all of your needs!