White Glove Moving


When you are a customer who is seeking much more than what is typically expected from a Boston moving company – you should not have to settle for less. Cratos is not the average moving company from Boston and does not provide average services on any level. However, we feel that it is our responsibility to be more in-tune with the diverse needs of our clientele. As professional Boston movers – we are prepared to rise to the occasion to give consumers the heightened level of services that they prefer with the elite amenities of White Glove moving.

Advantages from Cratos will include the following:

  • Your Boston movers will wear striking high-end uniforms during the job.
  • Soft and inaudible footwear will be worn to prevent unpleasant shoe sounds.
  • Each individual will be impeccably groomed to complete the look.
  • There will be no conversation or chatter unless absolutely necessary.
  • Speaking volume will be whisper-quiet at all times.
  • Your crew will exhibit exceptional discipline and demeanor.
  • A controlled strategy will be observed to alleviate chaos.
  • The overall environment will be calm and serene from start to finish.
  • Materials will include silent-pull packing tape.
  • Boxes and crates will be of the highest quality and endurance.
  • Supplies will include plush, durable, and lasting protective coverings.
  • Special contents will receive enhanced shielding from harm.

In addition, we will implement an itemized cataloging system for effective tracking to ensure that all of your contents will receive the unparalleled care and handling that only a Boston moving company like Cratos can provide!