Weston movers

Everyone who moves knows how exciting it can be. You are already looking forward to start a new life with a positive attitude. You want to meet new acquaintances and friends. But it is only possible if you don't have to move stuff and furniture on your own. Crates are real experts who have extensive experience and competent staff. We can help you move to Weston quickly and affordably. Our company guarantees complete safety during the transportation of your belongings.

We know that many factors can influence the decision to move. Weston is an excellent choice. But before taking such an essential step in your life, we recommend learning a little more about the city. Our company has already helped many customers in the area. Crates are always careful with your furniture and equipment. Our team is ready to solve any problems and difficulties of the move. We are also happy to tell you about the cost of living and interesting places in the city.

Reasonable prices

You can order our moving services in Weston at affordable prices right now.


You can be sure that our company will move your belongings efficiently and comfortably.


Our team consists of professional and qualified movers who can quickly cope with any task.

Packing delivery

If you do not know where to find packaging material, then contact us.


Our company provides a wide range of services. You can choose the right one for you.


Our customers trust us to pack glass items, transport pets and antique furniture.


Our employees do quality furniture assembly and disassembly, neatly load and transport your stuff.

Piano moving

We can help you move your favorite instrument to a new location.

Weston MA Storage

Storing things during the move is a problem that has to be solved quickly. Owners need to know if their property will not be damaged. Expensive, fragile, oversized objects are difficult to trust even to someone you know. In order not to incur losses, it is better to choose the storage service in Weston. We guarantee that with our company your belongings are completely safe.

How much does it cost to live in Weston?

Are you considering a move to Weston? Great! Before you make your final decision, let us share with you some helpful information about this city. It may help you plan your budget more accurately. The cost of living in Weston is about 2.7 times the national average. Groceries are 22% higher than the median costs. Health care costs are slightly lower here than in the rest of the country. The average price of gasoline, car insurance, and maintenance expenses are about the same as everywhere else in the United States. The most you have to spend on housing. The median home price is about $1,500,000. It is about six times higher than the national average.


The advantages of Weston

Many people say Weston is one of the best places to live in the United States. And maybe they're right. We learned above that it is pretty expensive real estate here. But at the same time, the city can be proud of its cozy and safe neighborhoods. The quality of education here is very high. Weston is known for its green spaces, historic sites, and scenic roads. Museums such as the Golden Ball Tavern Museum and the Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History introduce you to the city's past. Residents of the city care about the environment and the preservation of green areas. You can spend time with the whole family at the beautiful Cat Rock Park. And the numerous restaurants and cafes will make you happy with delicious food.