Useful tips for moving house with pets

You are a happy pet owner. Ask your friends or relatives to look after your pet during the moving day. This way you will be able to free yourself from fuss and bother and protect your animals from stress. In case there is no such possibility, consider the following recommendations of our company:

  • Visit the vet and address all necessary issues two weeks before moving. If your pet has a chip, update the information on it (take down new address and phone number).
  • Use a hard-sided carrier and keep it on your lap.
  • Don’t feed animals right before the trip. Make sure to walk dogs before you go. Take away water bowls during transportation.
  • Transport pet rodents in their own cages. Make cages cold proof in case of cold weather.
  • When transporting birds, wrap the cage with cardboard and a thick and warm cloth (they are afraid of drafts).
  • Always provide animals with fresh air J
  • In order to transport fish, pour the water from the fish tank into a bucket with a ventilated lid and place fish there. Put plants from the tank into another container with the same water. Stuff the soil into bags. Clean and dry the tank, then pack it with bubble wrap. Specialists of our company will take care of the packaging of your fish tank!

These practical tips will make your moving process less stressful for your pet and help you enjoy their companionship in a new place.