Pros and Cons of seasons to move

Pros and Cons of seasons to move

Considering the geographical size of the country, it makes sense to highlight two seasons:


Cold season (October-April)

There are the following advantages of the season:

  • speed. In the cold movers work actively carrying the boxesâ˜ș
  • price. It usually doesn’t increase.
  • no fuss

It is where all the advantages of winter end and disadvantages start:

  1. cold
  2. inconvenient
  3. daylight hours are short

People tend to tidy up a new apartment prior to the moving house. Winter is not the best time for a home renovation such as walls painting or wallpapering. 


Warm season (May-September)

It is warm and dry outside during this season, so the moving house is:

  • reasonable. Your stuff won’t get dirty or wet.
  • cost-effective. You won’t need to cover already packed things with an additional film. 
  • comfortable

However, the warm season has its cons:

  • road dust and pollen are not the best moving companions
  • enervating heat

However, the warm season is the best choice, especially because a moving house is rarely spontaneous.

This is the reasoning of a person who experienced all the pros and cons of the seasons during movings. And it's good that many professional details were left behind the scenes. This means that the employees of Cratos moving carried out the move in a competent manner.


Specifics of a moving house


Don’t think that each season is equally good for a moving house.

  • This season it is inconvenient for transporting flowers, mirrors, and pets. On the other hand, both textile transporting and furniture assembly are easy to do.
  • Slush and dirt won’t let you put a box or a cabinet on the ground, even for a short time (note that we cover the working area with cardboard or film)
  • Nothing would happen to cabinets or boxes, but it’d be way more difficult for people to work.
  • Rains and puddles are bad helpers for a transportation of various items.

Cratos moving is always on the go. We consider every little detail (even your doubts) to make your moving comfortable.

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