Movers. The beginning of the path.

Movers. The beginning of the path.

Sherpa (an ethnic group living in Nepal) are indispensible guides for mountain climbers. The stories of many ascents would unlikely have been written if not for the locals. They are the ones who patiently carry huge and heavy backpacks even at high altitudes, they make mountain trails, predict the weather and wind, and go after climbers who are missing or in trouble. However, they are usually behind the scenes. The traditional function of the porters has been reconsidered and starting from the summer of 2012 the Sherpas have officially become “mountain guides”, members of the Mountain Guide Association. One of them, Lhakpa Tenzing Sherpa, climbed the highest peak of our planet – Everest - more than 20 times.

Russian Warriors

Ivan Maksimovich Poddybny was one of the most famous prominent wrestlers in the world. He repeatedly won world championships in classic wrestling among professionals. With the exception of occasional losses in certain fights, he hasn’t lost a single competition, championship, or tournament in more than 40 years of performances. At the beginning of his career, Ivan Poddubny worked for several years as a mover in the ports of Sevastopol and Feodosia.

Ivan Mikhailovich Zaikin, who originally came from Siberian Governorate, was a Russian wrestler, aviator, and a circus performer. He worked as a mover at the Samara pier during his adolescence.

Russian wrestlers were the subject of many written books, made movies, and emitted commemoratives.



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