Interesting facts about New Years celebration

Upside Down


In Mediaeval Europe Christmas trees weren’t placed on the floor but were hung upside down from the ceiling. They were decorated with sweets and nuts while children needed to pick them. Stand firmly on your feet in the coming year!


As an apple


In the old days people used sweetmeats to decorate a Christmas tree: sweets, nuts, gingerbread, and apples wrapped in a bright paper. They say that the first Christmas ball was created because of a poor apple harvest. Fruit supplies ran out by the time winter started, and resourceful glassblowers blew out balls to replace round apples. Prosperity at home and productive working days!


What does it have to do with carp?

In Vietnam it is believed that the god of the house goes to heaven on the back of a carp on New Year’s Eve. That is why people buy live fish for the holiday in advance and take it to some ponds and release it on New Year’s night. In such a way, the god protecting the house is provided with transport for the coming year. Most High patronage, free-flowing traffic, and light in the windows of your home!