Boston to Vermont Moving

Boston to Vermont Movers: Adding a Local Touch to Your Interstate Move

There are only 200 miles standing in the way of your Boston to Vermont moving experience. Yet those 200 miles are filled with unfamiliar roadways and unforeseen obstacles. Rather than disassembling all your furniture, wrapping your delicate items, loading your belongings in a truck, and navigating the interstate journey, let an experienced Boston to Vermont moving company do it all for you. Here at Cratos, the movers from Boston to Vermont known for premier customer service, we go above and beyond to make your journey stress-free. We’ll work around your schedule, do all the loading and unloading, and even reassemble your furniture in your new home. Our aim is to deliver a level of service you wouldn’t expect from Boston to Vermont movers.

Our Boston to Vermont movers are armed with industry-leading equipment, clean and well-maintained moving vehicles, and top-tier training. That means Cratos is prepared to overcome every hurdle placed in the way while making the moving experience easy for you and your family. Our Vermont movers know the best routes to take, and our Boston roots mean we’ll do everything we can to provide peace of mind throughout your move.

Moving to Vermont may seem like a short trek, but it opens you up to a new world of experiences. Moving from Boston to Vermont means exploring the state’s natural landscapes, sailing on Lake Champlain, or grabbing some ice cream at the Ben & Jerry’s factory. And moving from Vermont to Boston is always an option with Cratos.

Furniture Disassembly

Moving is hard enough without having to take apart every piece of furniture. So, why not let Cratos do it for you?! We’ll handle the nuts and bolts while you sit back and relax.

Blanket Wrapping & Loading

Blanket wrapping isn’t just our way of protecting your belongings. It’s also our way of showing we care that your Boston to Vermont moving experience comes with total peace of mind.


Moving to Vermont doesn’t require a cross-country trip, yet we’ll use our best equipment, a pristine truck, and premier route mapping to ensure we deliver service of the highest quality.

Unwrapping & Reassembly

Most Vermont movers feel the job is done upon arrival. Here at Cratos, we don’t stop until every belonging is unwrapped, every item is unloaded, and every piece of furniture is reassembled.

Moving Insurance

One of the main goals for our Boston to Vermont moving team is delivering peace of mind. One way we do so is by providing a top-tier insurance policy that covers your home and possessions.

Cost, Care & Convenience

Here at Cratos, we keep your costs low by working with efficiency. We show you we care by showing up on time. And we deliver convenience by addressing your every concern.