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Boston to Tampa Movers: Stress-Free Moving

It’s time to switch things up, be bold, make changes, take the plunge, and finally relocate to sunny Florida as you’ve always fantasized of doing! Of course, all good things come with a little added risk. But, we’re fairly certain that when you’re basking in the glorious sun on Siesta Beach, all of your worries and cares will drift away. You’ll be more than pleased with your decision and the risk will have paid off. To transition to Tampa smoothly, why not contact the best Boston to Tampa movers in the biz to help turn your dreams into reality?

Twenty – that’s how many hours of interstate driving it’ll take to get your things to TB. With this in mind, you won’t want just any movers to relocate your valuables. You need a team that has years of experience, sincerely cares about your possessions, and will work hard to make your transition seamless.

At Cratos, we’ll have your items in the beautiful state of Florida in a week. Our team makes this trip regularly and know the route like the back of our hand. Our movers are enthusiastic, highly trained, and are all around pros at what they do. You won’t find a better bang for your buck in the city. This 7-day relocation starts at just $2600.

Boston to Tampa
7-day delivery for $2600
Get out of the clouds and into the sun here.

Movers From Boston to Tampa
Putting Customers First

So, before you’re sipping on mai tais in Tampa’s heat, or strolling down the Riverwalk, we’re going to need to get you all moved-in first. Sure, you could do this yourself, but why add one more highly-stressful task to your already growing list of things to do? Instead, devote your attention to choosing the city’s most reliable Boston to Tampa moving company. Here’s why we’re the most sought after team in town:


Furniture Disassembly

Size, shape, or value aside, if it needs to be taken apart, we’ll do it! Whether it’s desks, tables, couches, big, or small items, we’ll disassemble furniture so you don’t have to. And don’t worry, everything will be managed with attention and care.


Blanket Wrapping & Loading

Blanket wrapping for an added layer of protection. Our heavy-duty blankets will be tightly wrapped around your valuables and stored in our vehicles for the long, 7-day journey down I-95 to Tampa. This is just another way to show you we care about your things as much as you do.



1360 miles of driving calls for more than a rental. Our squad of reliable vehicles will help ensure we get to Tampa swiftly with your things. Our vehicles are our lifeline, we use the best of the best moving trucks for your relocation.


Unwrapping & Reassembly

No job is finished upon arrival. While you explore your surroundings and take in your new home, our team will be hard at work unloading, unwrapping, and reassembling everything so you can relax and get to know the place you now call home.


Insurance & GPS Tracking

We don’t take risks during moves, and neither should you. Our insurance plan is all-inclusive of your items. If that’s not enough to put you at ease, our trucks have GPS tracking devices so you will always know where we are along the journey.


Cost, Care & Convenience

As your movers from Boston to Tampa, we like to keep it uncomplicated. Doing our best to get you the best price, while caring for your items, and striving to make your life less stressful – that’s our goal. Always has been, always will be.


Boston to Tampa FAQ’s

How much will moving from Boston to Tampa cost?

We’re happy you asked! Our long hauls start at a flat rate. We can get you to Tampa for as little as $2600 by calculating:

Distance: Every move from Boston to Tampa is different. We’ll need to know how far we are going from your place in BOS to your new home in TPA to plan, and charge, appropriately.

Cubic Footage: We’ll also need to know how much you plan to bring to Florida. Calculating how much space you’ll need will help us determine the size of the vehicle, or vehicles needed. The less you take, the cheaper your quote will be.


What about hidden fees?

What about them? You won’t find those here – clear as that! We don’t believe in complicating things for you. Your quote is what you pay, that’s it.


Do you have additional services?

Yes! From storage to packing, we have plenty of other add-on services that you can choose from. For more information, feel free to get in touch.


What about stairs or steep inclines to get in and out of my house?

No problem at all for our experienced and practiced movers. We do this all the time and honestly, we like a good workout, so we can handle stairs, driveways, and inclines.


When & how can I pay?

Thanks for asking! When our services are complete and you’re fully moved from Boston to Tampa, you can pay using cash, debit, or credit. For card payments, please bring ID for verification.


From Boston to Tampa, we’re the movers who care!