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Boston to Seattle Movers: Express Service to the Emerald City!

It’s understandable why you’d want to move all the way to Seattle, WA. It’s consistently ranked as one of the ten most livable places in the country! That said, getting to the Emerald City is no easy task; it’s far and it’s tough to coordinate. For a relocation that complex, you’re better off partnering with trustworthy and experienced Boston to Seattle movers. But, how do you know who to trust?

The biggest question is: are you being sold to or are you being helped? Cratos Moving is the premier Boston to Seattle moving company because we understand the importance of advice and education. We’ll provide info about FAQs and the ABCs of moving below, and we’ll schedule a consultation to carefully review the specifics of your move. We take the time to connect with our customers because this isn’t a job, it’s a partnership. 

Seattle used to be a hidden gem, but it’s been in the American zeitgeist for a long time now. Tech giants love Seattle, coffee giants, and music giants too. For a city with so much industry and size, it feels surprisingly intimate. Maybe that’s due to its diverse collection of neighborhoods like Capitol Hill and West Seattle. Maybe it’s due to the residents holding onto (insisting on!) the Seattle lifestyle. Seattle is a long way from Boston, but don’t worry, you’ll quickly find your place!

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Moving From Boston to Seattle: Delegate the Small Stuff

Taking furniture apart is the small stuff, so is blanket wrapping and putting boxes in a truck. The basics of moving are time-consuming, physically demanding, and honestly not where your focus needs to be. You’ve got a lot to finish up in Boston, and a lot to prep for in Seattle. Partner with Cratos, so we can take all the small stuff off your plate. It’s why we’re here. It’s what you need.


Furniture Disassembly

Careful furniture disassembly is about professionalism and respect. It’s not an armoire, it’s a gift from your grandmother. It’s not a couch, it’s the first adult purchase you ever made. Our moving teams understand the personal value of your belongings, and they take every precaution to ensure safe disassembly.


Blanket Wrapping & Loading

Lots of blankets are a Boston to Seattle moving essential. It’s not that the road is rougher, it’s just that 3,000 miles is 3,000 miles. We’ll carefully wrap, tuck, and tape until we are 100% confident that your belongings are ready for the coast-to-coast ride.



Speaking of coast-to-coast, moving from Boston to Seattle requires a lot of planning and precision. We’ve made the move many times, and we know where the challenges lie. We equip our teams with the best available vehicles and trust in their experience.


Unwrapping & Reassembly

What’s the point of getting grandma’s armoire safely to Seattle only to rush the reassembly? Our professional moving teams are trained to take their time and get it right during each phase of the move. They’ll be careful. That’s a promise.


Moving Insurance

Moving insurance is a must for any Boston to Seattle movers. We have the best policy available. It covers your home in Boston, transportation, and your new place in Seattle. The experience and dedication of our moving teams will keep your things safe, but a little reassurance never hurts.


Cost, Care & Convenience

Cost, Care & Convenience are the foundation of our Boston to Seattle moving services. We want your transition to feel easy. We want you to feel taken care of. And, we don’t want a small difference in cost to push you toward a lesser Boston to Seattle moving company.


Boston to Seattle Moving Company: Cratos FAQs

What do you charge for your Boston to Seattle moving services?   

It’s a flat-rate starting at $3,600. The final cost comes down to two factors: cubic footage and mileage. That’s it.  With convenience in mind, we keep it as simple as possible:

Cubic Footage: You’ll have a chance to reduce costs simply by limiting what you bring along. We’d suggest that you do some serious sorting before boxing anything up. Make a Seattle pile, a maybe pile, and a best left in Boston pile. Every cubic foot you leave behind equals a drop in price.

Mileage: Mileage includes fuel, tolls, and the support of the professional Boston to Seattle movers transporting your belongings across the country. There’s a lot packed into mileage and it’s all to your benefit!


Is there anything you won’t transport? Easy to miss things I mean.   

Thank you for that clarification! We’ve been asked to transport everything from fireworks to pet turtles. While there are obvious no-no’s, it’s common household items like paint, motor oil, and cleaning products that we ask people to leave behind most often - flammable things you can easily replace in Seattle.


Do you need any specific measurements from my house? 

We’ll ask for a few details during the initial consultation but nothing highly specific. We keep detailed records of all our moves. We’ll cross-reference and send a team that’s equipped for whatever your place throws their way.


Do you provide GPS Tracking?    

Of course. We didn’t become the best Boston to Seattle moving company by leaving our customers to wonder! You’ll be able to track our team's progress, whether you’re saying goodbye in Boston, or at the top of the Space Needle looking down.


Is there a fee for the initial consultation? 

Nope. Never. Moving from Boston to Seattle is a partnership and we have a lot to discuss. So let’s discuss it! Schedule a free consult. Come prepared with questions, we certainly will! Together, we’ll craft a Boston to Seattle moving experience that is the perfect blend of cost, care, and convenience. 

Emerald City Bound?  
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