Boston to San Antonio Moving

Boston to San Antonio Movers: Relocating Simplified

Are you tired of the unpredictable and unreliable weather in Boston? Or, have you always said to yourself that you’re not made for the cold, you were made to live in a warmer, more consistent climate? Now, just imagine, it’s a hot summer Texan day, you’re sitting on a patio with your friends, listening to live, foot-tapping music. You have an award-winning, local craft beer in hand and the smell of delicious Texas BBQ wafts around you. It’s your best life, one you’ve always envisioned. In San Antonio, TX this is a common scene, a life lived and enjoyed by many. A life that awaits you when you take the plunge and move from Boston.

To get your belongings there hassle-free in a week, you’re going to want the top Boston to San Antonio movers by your side. You’ll need a team you can trust to travel 2000 miles with all of your belongings. A team that’s not only knowledgeable about moving but actually cares. A team that wants you to set you up for success. With Cratos in your corner, our team of experts will have you on that foot-tapping, beer-drinking patio in no time. Known not only for our services of efficient packing, loading, unpacking, and transporting, we are consistently the go-to choice for this journey. We take care of all of our clients and will make sure that you know exactly what’s expected and included.

Boston to San Antonio, TX
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Movers From Boston to San Antonio
Doing Whatever It Takes To Make Your Trip Successful!

We get it, moving seems easy enough. To many, it might appear like movers are in zombie-mode – pack boxes, pack truck, drive truck, unpack truck. Simple right? We guess that if you’re one of the regular Boston to San Antonio moving companies that go through the motions, it could seem this way to customers – just another team of guys lifting and moving things around. At Cratos, we’re so much more than that. We value your concerns and do whatever we can to take the stress out of moving. With every relocation, whether it’s to the next city over, or across the country, we’ll get you there worry-free.


Furniture Disassembly

Big, small, old, or new. No matter the size or state of your furniture, it’s all valuable to you. To prove we care, we’ll cautiously disassemble your furniture and load it in our vehicles for a smooth ride to SA.


Blanket Wrapping & Loading

Blankets come in handy for all kinds of tasks. At Cratos, we use the heaviest-duty blankets to safely wrap your valuables. In case of any bumps or potholes along the drive down I-81, this will add another layer of protection against damage – literally.



Cross-country moves are the big leagues. For this relocation to be successful, we’ll use our trustworthy fleet of high-quality vehicles to effortlessly transport your things to Texas. We depend on them daily to get the job done, and now you can too!


Unwrapping & Reassembly

The work doesn’t stop when we get to your new place in SA. Our skilled team will quickly unwrap, unload, and re-assemble your furniture for you with ease. While we do this, you can meet your neighbors, walk the block, and get to know your surroundings.


Insurance & GPS Tracking

7 days without your things could be unnerving. With that in mind, we have a completely comprehensive insurance plan intact when moving from Boston to San Antonio. This, combined with the tracking devices on all our trucks will allow you to keep an eye on us, so you can breathe and sleep easily.


Cost, Care & Convenience

Valuing cost, care, and convenience seems like a no-brainer. We don’t overcomplicate things for ourselves, making it straightforward for you as well. We’ll take care of the things we do best, allowing you to focus your attention on other priorities and what you do best!


FAQ’s Related To Moving from Boston to San Antonio

Let’s get down to it, what’s the cost of moving from Boston to San Antonio?

We’re glad you asked! All of our long-distance hauls have a flat rate. For BOS to SA, it’s $2600. With that as our base, we calculate:

Distance: Boston and San Antonio are both big cities so every trip is different. That’s why we figure out how far we’ll be transporting your things from point A to point B. We also take into account things like the cost of fuel to get you a reasonable price.

Cubic Footage: Here’s the deal – the more you have, the more space you’ll need for your things, and the more you’ll have to pay. So, only bring items you truly need or use.


What about ‘extra fees’ do you charge those too?

Absolutely not! Like we’ve said before, everything we do is transparent, including our pricing. So, feel free to ask away, we have nothing to hide. The price we quote you is what you pay. It’s that easy.


What if I need extra services?

No problem! We’d be happy to assist you in any way we can. We can pack your things, make stops along the way, load your things into your rented moving vehicle, and more! Simply reach out and we’ll try to accommodate your requirements any way we can.


Can you move my pet?

Pets are like family members and we wouldn’t want anything to happen to them. Your furniture’s safety is our priority and responsibility. So, there won’t be any space for your furry friends to take part in our road trip, although we’re sure our movers would love the company of a new DJ!


Do you accept credit cards for payment?

Indeed! Actually, we accept cash, debit, or credit. You can pay our team after their services are complete and before they head back to BOS. Just make sure you have a valid, government ID to go along with any card payments.

From Boston to San Antonio, we’re your suitable movers!