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Boston to Portland Movers: West Coast Living at its Best

You’re moving all the way to Portland, Oregon. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think you were trying to get as far from Boston as possible! Moving from Boston to Portland is the very definition of a long-distance move; 3100 miles across every climate the U.S. has to offer. It’s not a transition you want to handle alone. Working with trusted and dependable Boston to Portland movers, like Cratos Moving, will provide support, confidence, and peace-of-mind.

Hiring a quality Boston to Portland moving company involves more than cost comparisons and included services. Cratos Moving will help with every stage of your relocation, starting right here with advice and reassurance. We’ll cover the big questions everyone has moving from Boston to Portland, and we’ll get into the little details that separate Cratos from other long-distance movers in the Boston area. But first, let’s talk about Portland!

Portland, Oregon wasn’t always cool. You’ll have to ask your new friends and neighbors how it happened, but somewhere along the way, Portland became a center of West Coast culture. It shuns big box stores and embraces all things wonderfully weird. It’s a city of art, music, and incredible food, that’s surrounded by nature at its most stunning. You’ll have to put up with the rain and (if you aren’t biking everywhere) the traffic. But, Portland’s against-the-grain spirit is infectious and you’ll soon find yourself living your best Portlander life!

Boston to Portland, OR
7-day delivery
From $2500

Moving From Boston to Portland: The Little Things Matter

Everyone associates moving with boxes and big trucks, but the physical part of any move happens in a matter of days – 7 days in the case of moving from Boston to Portland! It’s the prep work that goes into moving and the steps you’ll take to feel settled, that require your time and focus. Leave the little things to us: 


Furniture Disassembly

Every piece of furniture you own has one very important thing in common: it’s yours. We train our teams to practice careful, mistake-free disassembly everytime. We have the tools to get even the most delicate pieces broken down and ready to load.


Blanket Wrapping & Loading

Want to see a professional mover sweat? Tap them on the shoulder and say, “We don’t have enough blankets.”  Blankets are absolutely essential, and our teams will wrap, fold, and tape until your possessions are absolutely secure.



3,100 miles is a long way, and we plan for every contingency. With help from the best available vehicles and professional moving teams, you can rest assured that we’ll deliver your possessions on time and in perfect condition. 

Unwrapping & Reassembly

Portland, OR is going to be a new toy for you to play with. The last thing you’ll want to worry about is unwrapping and reassembling furniture, and you won’t have to. Grab something to eat at one of Portland’s amazing restaurants. We’ll set up, so you can settle in.


Insurance & GPS Tracking

We provide comprehensive moving insurance and live GPS tracking because comfort throughout the 7-day Boston to Portland move is vital. When our customers feel comfortable, so do our professional moving teams, and the results are predictably perfect.


Cost, Care & Convenience

Being a great Boston to Portland moving company requires a customer-first mindset. We keep our rates low by streamlining our routes. We prioritize communication & flexibility. And, we only update our moving services when we know it will result in added convenience.


Moving from Boston, MA to Portland, OR: The Questions We Get

How much will it cost to move to Portland from Boston?  

$2500, maybe a little more. Our long-distance moving rates are based on a straightforward formula: distance + the cubic footage of your things. We purposely don’t leave any room for hidden fees or upsell nonsense. It costs what it costs.  

Distance: This includes the miles covered moving from Boston to Portland, gas & tolls, and the experience of a moving team that has made the move before - distance has a lot of value.

Cubic Footage: Nothing will drive your cost up like an overstuffed truck. Portland is a fresh start, and you’re going to want to add some local touches. Make room by leaving what you don’t need in Boston. It’ll help you save.


Can I pay you to box up my belongings?  

We do have packing services available. It’s an additional charge, but one that could save you money in the long run. Our professional moving teams have helped Bostonians relocate just about everywhere. Who better to ask about what should go and what should stay?


Do you need to scout my location first?  My apartment building might be difficult.

No. Our professional moving teams have seen worse than your apartment. They’ll figure out a way to work around the angles on moving day. That said, go ahead and let us know about any concerns you may have during the initial consultation so we can prep the team.


Can I leave stuff in cabinets and drawers if I tape them shut?   

That sounds easier, but it actually causes problems; extra weight, things shifting during the move. Empty everything out, and label the boxes clearly so our moving team can match them with the correct piece of furniture.


If I call (or drop by) for a consultation will you charge me? 

Not a chance. The consultation is where we put everything on the table. We ask questions, layout our plan/services, and make sure you feel 100% comfortable with the process. Without a consultation, we can’t do our job right. You shouldn’t have to pay for that.

West Coast Living. 
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