Boston to Portland, ME Moving

Boston to Portland, ME Movers: All the Glory of Portland of the East

It’s not hard to figure out why you’re thinking about moving from Boston to Portland. This charming seaside city in Maine has a lot to offer. And although Portland, ME is only 108 miles from Boston, if you’re traveling with furniture and other valuables, the road can seem much longer. You shouldn’t need to handle moving across states alone. You’re better off hiring experienced and reliable Boston to Portland, ME movers.

But how can you know if you can put your faith in a moving firm? For Cratos, being a first-rate Boston to Portland, ME moving company is not only about transporting furniture. We want to support you and facilitate every detail of your moving process because we care deeply about your relocation experience. We’re here to help and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Are you a backpacker or an outdoors person? Maine won’t let you down. Portland is a hiking and trekking paradise with loads of public parks and trails. The most loved parks include the Eastern and Western Promenade, Deering Oaks Park, Edward Payson Park, and the Fore River Sanctuary. Feel like escaping the city life on weekends or holidays? You can plan a getaway to some of the over 200 islands on the Casco Bay. Are you a beer enthusiast? You’ll feel in heaven with the dozens of local microbreweries making their way onto the high street.

Life in Portland may be poles apart from the one you have in Boston, but you’ll quickly feel at home!


Boston to Portland, ME
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Moving from Boston to Portland, ME: Small Details That Make a Difference

Relocating to a different city, even if it’s not that far from where you currently live, can be quite time-consuming and demanding. There are so many small details that take the focus out of what really matters. Let us handle all the heavy lifting while you focus on getting ready to settle down in Portland. Here are the details you can leave to us:


Furniture Disassembly

Some pieces of furniture are heirlooms. But we can’t just stop you at every step of the move and ask, “Hey, is this item important?” All of your belongings are valuable in our eyes. You’re taking them to Portland for a reason, after all. We will disassemble them like they’re all family treasures.


Blanket Wrapping & Loading

Any of our movers from Boston to Portland would lose it if you tell them that we’re out of blankets. That’s because they are an essential tool for our work. We carefully wrap everything until every single piece of your furniture is safe and ready for the ride ahead.



There are many ways to get your furniture from Boston to Portland. However, we believe that the best way to make this journey is with experienced movers and a high-quality truck. Boston to Portland moving is not an unfamiliar route for us, and we always rely on the best vehicles to help.


Unwrapping and Reassembly

Okay, so everything arrived safely in Portland, now what? The move is not complete yet! Our teams will make sure to unwrap and reassemble everything carefully and correctly, so you can feel at home. We promise to be meticulous with your stuff, every step of the way.


Insurance & GPS Tracking

A necessary detail of any Boston to Portland, ME moving company is insurance. Although we don’t mean to brag, our insurance policy is the best available. It covers every detail of your move. Plus, our vehicles are equipped with tracking devices so you’ll always know where your belongings are.


Cost, Care & Convenience

Those three words are significant to us because such values are the core of our services. We care about giving you an unforgettable moving experience. This means that our Boston to Portland movers will do whatever it takes to ensure a hassle-free relocation at a reasonable price.


Most Frequently Asked Questions about Boston to Portland, ME moving

What is the cost of moving from Boston to Portland, ME?

Our pricing starts at $700. We base our moving rates on a simple formula: the cubic footage of your belongings plus the distance between both addresses. That’s it; it costs what it costs. There are no hidden fees, and we won’t upsell any unwanted services.

Mileage: We include the miles traveled from A to B plus gas and tolls. This also includes the support of our experienced team carrying your stuff across the state.

Cubic Footage: Understanding what you will bring with you to your fresh start in Portland will help us know how big of a truck – or trucks – we will need. An easy way to optimize your budget is to sort through things and limit the items you take.


Do you offer packaging services?

Yes, we do, glad you asked! If you need a helping hand organizing and boxing your belongings, we can certainly help you out. This service is not included in the basic quote, but it has a fixed price. Our team will bring the boxes and treat everything with maximum care.


Can you carry my pets?

No, unfortunately we can’t. We know that pets are as important as family members, and their safety is vital but our primary responsibility is your furniture and belongings. We make sure your stuff is safe so you have the time and energy to take care of your furry friends and your loved ones.


Do you charge for consultations by phone or in-person?

Of course not. We know that researching is a crucial part of finding the best team of Boston to Portland, ME movers. We will ask you a few questions and answer any doubts you have before doing business with you, and we will never charge you for that.

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