Boston to Phoenix Movers

Boston to Phoenix Movers

Boston to Phoenix Movers: It’s Time to Start Packing!

Making up your mind to move all the way from Boston to Phoenix isn’t, for sure, an overnight decision. So, not just any team of Boston to Phoenix movers will do. Chances are you’ve already done some research and come across a couple of companies that said they could do it. But this is not a simple move across town; you’re relocating across more than 2,600 miles! We don’t mean to alarm you; we just want to help you choose the right Boston to Phoenix moving company to get your furniture there safely.

There’s so much to be excited about in Phoenix. This city will not only embrace you with a vibrant culture and astonishing sunsets but also with a booming job market and affordable cost of living. Yes, Phoenix is hot, literally desert hot. You will likely change your entire wardrobe because it’s the opposite of Boston. So make sure you always park your car in the shade and drink lots of water. You'll soon get to love the glorious heat. Phoenix awaits you!

At Cratos, we value transparent pricing, impressive customer service, and genuine commitment to a stress-free moving experience. We will take care of the heavy lifting when you’re moving from Boston to Phoenix so that you can concentrate on your new life!


Boston to Phoenix movers
14-21 days delivery

Boston to Phoenix Moving Company: Details that Make a Difference

With an experienced and professional team of Boston to Phoenix movers, Cratos takes pride in standing out from the crowd of long-distance moving companies. Although relocating across states is not a simple business, we have so much more to offer than just the regular packing and transporting. We focus on cost, care, and convenience.


Furniture Disassembly

One missing screw and your favorite shelf could be ruined. You can trust our highly skilled movers to disassemble your furniture and larger items with great attention to detail. For us, no matter how delicate your furniture is or how tight your deadline is, we’ll aim for perfection.


Blanket Wrapping & Loading

A moving company without blankets should be illegal! Disassembling and loading everything carefully won’t matter if the bumps in the road end up damaging your furniture. We’ll carefully wrap your belongings with thick blankets and safely arrange everything in the truck.



Long-distance relocating is no joke. Moving from Boston to Phoenix takes it to the next level. Our team takes pride in using only top-notch and up-to-date, maintained vehicles for carrying your valuables. Transporting belongings across almost a dozen states in 7 days requires the finest equipment.


Unwrapping & Reassembly

Do we finish our job when we arrive at your new home in Phoenix? Absolutely not! You should feel at home as soon as possible. So, we’ll unwrap and reassemble your furniture carefully. Our movers will only consider the job as done when everything is where it belongs.


Insurance & GPS Tracking

Waiting 7 days for your stuff to arrive at your new home could make anyone anxious. But don’t fret! You’ll be able to follow us along all the way when moving from Boston to Phoenix with our real-time GPS tracking. All your belongings are also insured against any incident.


Cost, Care & Convenience

It’s easier said than done, but we take pride in our three core values: cost, care & convenience. To make your moving experience smooth and your life easier, it takes us a lot of fine-tuning to offer a reasonably priced service that is also reliable and has superior quality.


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Boston to Phoenix Moving – Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate the pricing for Boston to Phoenix moving services?

Our initial rates for this route start at $2649. This is a flat rate, and we include the distance between both locations plus the cubic footage of your belongings. Once we give you a price, there are no hidden fees or extra costs.

          Mileage: Everything that is necessary for the long route between BOS and PHX is included: gas, tolls, equipment. We assure you that there will be no hidden fees or extra costs.

          Cubic Footage: We will calculate the final price taking into account everything you’re planning to bring with you to Phoenix. This helps us understand how big of a truck (or even trucks) we are going to need.


Do you also offer packing services?

Yes, we do. This is an extra service that we can add to your quote. If for any reason you need our help packing, our team will come equipped with boxes ready to help. We'll have your belongings organized in no time.


Do you offer moving insurance?

Yes, indeed, we have the finest moving insurance policy available on the market. Although we pride ourselves in providing services focused on perfection, we want you to feel extra secure. Everything will be insured from the moment we load our trucks to the moment we deliver and reassemble your furniture.


Do you charge anything for a phone or in-person consultation?

No, we do not. The consultation process is crucial for anyone who’s looking for top-quality service. Although we want you to close business with us, you will not be charged until we have a deal. We’re a first-class team of Boston to Phoenix movers because we discuss every detail to provide a tailored experience.


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