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Boston to New Orleans Movers: Stress-Free to Nola

It’s easy to get lost in the good times ahead when moving from Boston to New Orleans, but let’s make sure we get you there safe and stress-free. You need a Boston to New Orleans moving company that knows the route, knows what has you worried, and knows how to deliver a seamless long-distance moving experience. Not any Boston to New Orleans movers will do. You need Cratos Moving!

Moving from Boston to New Orleans isn’t just about days and dollars. It starts here, with research and reassurance. We guide our customers through every stage of long-distance moving; pre-planning, packing, moving day, and settling in. Below, we’ll answer frequently asked questions, provide details about the various stages of moving, and let you know what our customers have to say. But first, let’s talk about Nola! 

New Orleans isn’t just a city, it’s a culture. Creole, French, Spanish and southern influences all helped shape what has become a world-renowned travel destination. When you’re in New Orleans, you couldn’t possibly be anywhere else. The residents of New Orleans know that they have something special, and they celebrate that uniqueness warmly and openly. Get ready to fall in love, everyone does – Bourbon St., Beignets, and all that jazz!

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Moving From Boston to New Orleans: A Big Change with Simple Steps

The most difficult parts of moving to New Orleans from Boston have nothing to do with loading a truck and driving state to state, however, even the simplest steps of moving require practice and precision. Cratos, more than any other moving company in the Boston area, focuses on perfecting those steps via training and a system that works:  

Furniture Disassembly

Our teams are trained, drilled, and trained some more. They will disassemble your furniture with the utmost care. No matter how tight the timeline, no matter how tricky the furniture, they’ll get it done right.


Blanket Wrapping & Loading

One little bump and a move goes bad. We’ll carefully wrap all of your possessions in heavy moving blankets and ensure that they are safely arranged in the truck. We take too much pride in what we do to let a bump in the road damage our reputation.



Long-distance moving requires more brains than brawn. We map out every detail of your move ahead of time, prep the team, and triple-check the vehicles and equipment. You won’t find better-prepared movers from Boston to New Orleans.


Unwrapping & Reassembly

You’re not hiring us to deliver a bunch of stuff to New Orleans. You’re hiring us to help you start a new phase in your life. Unwrapping and reassembly is the final, and arguably, most important step in our partnership. We’re not going to rush that.


GPS Tracking

Long-distance moving takes time. 7-days in this case! We don’t want you to worry about potholes, weather, or anything else while we’re making the 1500 mile move from Boston to New Orleans. We’ll provide GPS tracking so you can follow from anywhere!


Cost, Care & Convenience

We make life easier for our customers, reduce costs by fine-tuning our Boston to New Orleans moving services and inspire trust through careful, mistake-free packing and transportation. Cost, Care & Convenience are the pillars of Cratos Moving.


Moving from Boston to New Orleans: Your Questions Answered

How much do you charge for Boston to New Orleans moving services?  

All of our long-distance moving services are based on a flat-rate. Moving from Boston to New Orleans starts at $3200 and the math is simple: mileage + the cubic footage of your belongings: 

Mileage: Gas is included in mileage. Tolls are included in mileage. The value of an experienced moving team is included in mileage. Hidden fees are not. Mileage covers exactly what it takes to get you from Boston to New Orleans and nothing more.

Cubic Footage: How much are you planning to bring with you? How big of a truck (or trucks) are we going to need? You can reduce your overall cost by reducing the cubic footage of your move. Bring the couch, but maybe leave the lawnmower. The less you take, the cheaper it will be.


Do you offer packing services as well? 

We do! It’s an additional service that you’ll want to arrange ahead of time. Whether it’s a messy garage or a three-bedroom house, we’ll get everything professionally boxed up and ready to go for moving day.


My house is all corners and cramped spaces. Is that an issue? 

Not at all. Our pro moving teams have seen it all, and they like a good puzzle. That said, be sure to voice your concerns during our initial consultation so we can plan accordingly.


Would it be easier if I left my belongings inside cabinets and drawers?  

No. Long-distance moving is complicated enough without extra weight, and loose things jostling around. Be sure to empty all cabinets and drawers. On moving day, we’ll wrap your furniture in blankets and ensure that it’s as secure as possible.


Do you charge for in-person (or phone) consultations?

We never charge for the advice and consultations we give. We’re exceptional Boston to New Orleans movers because we discuss every move with our customers. We listen to their unique concerns and provide solutions. That all starts with the initial consultation.

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