Boston to Minneapolis Moving

Boston to Minneapolis Movers: How to Find A Good One

You’re moving all the way from Boston to Minneapolis. You need more than a big truck and a cheap price. Cratos Moving is the premier long-distance moving company in the Boston area because we provide high-end moving services at a competitive price. There are other Boston to Minneapolis movers out there, but none with our commitment to customer care. 

The first thing we’ll lift, wrap and pack away is the stress that comes with figuring out how to get from Boston, MA to Minneapolis, MN. You’ve got friends and family to say goodbye to. You’ve got stuff to sell (a house, a car, odds, and ends). The last thing you need to worry about is Google Maps and pitstops. We’ll get into the details below, but the short of it is, as experienced moving professionals we know how to deliver a moving experience that is convenient, reduces costs, and leaves you feeling confident and cared for.

Part of what makes us an expectational Boston to Minneapolis moving company is our attention to detail. There is always furniture to move and a truck to load. It’s how you do it that matters. We train, we practice, and we stay focused when moving day comes:

Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly

Every move has a timeline. When the clock starts ticking, inexperienced movers rush, they make mistakes. That doesn’t happen to us. Our teams are trained to work efficiently within a set timeline. Disassembling and reassembling your furniture with precision and care is second nature to them.  

Insurance & GPS Tracking

We’re very good at what we do. But, that doesn’t change the fact that we’re going to be heading across the Upper Midwest with all of your stuff! We want you to have peace-of-mind. We’ve got the best insurance policy in the biz and you’ll have access to GPS tracking. 

Cost, Care & Convenience

This is how we measure the effectiveness of our Boston to Minneapolis moving services. Have we done everything we can to reduce costs for our customers? Are we staying consistently focused on careful, mistake-free moving? Are we making life easier for our customers? Proudly, we can say yes.

Boston to Minneapolis, MN
7-day delivery
From $3200


Moving from Boston to Minneapolis: What Everyone Wants to Know

How much will moving from Boston to Minneapolis cost?

You’ll be charged a flat-rate based on mileage and the cubic footage of your move. Our base price from Boston to Minneapolis is $3200. There is no fine print: 

Mileage: Gas, tolls, and the time it takes to get from here to there are all included in mileage. Experience is not. That comes free. We know this move. We know how to get it done safely and proficiently. At the end of the day, that saves you money.  

Cubic Footage: This is an area where you can directly reduce costs. Moving from Boston to Minneapolis is in some ways starting over. Is there anything you can leave behind? If you can cut back, you can save money.


Are there any additional fees? 

No. Before the truck pulls up, we will have gone over the details of your move and planned accordingly. Our team will arrive with all the equipment, blankets, and tools they need. You won't be charged a penny for that – that’s just moving!


There’s not a lot of space in (or around) my place. Is that a problem? 

Not for our professional moving teams! If anything, they’ll enjoy the challenge. Let us know about any unique concerns ahead of time, so we can show up prepared, but otherwise, sit back and let our movers do what they do.


Can we make two stops? I have stuff in storage. 

Sure! We don’t want you to get stuck with any of the heavy lifting. Convenience, remember? Just be sure to give us a heads-up during the initial consultation, so we can prepare.


Do you charge for in-person (or phone) consultations?

Never! Doing our job right is about asking questions, listening, and adjusting to the unique factors of every move. We want you to tell us why you’re moving from Boston to Minneapolis, what has you worried, and how we can help.


Cost, Care & Convenience

We reduce costs via experience and efficiency. We handle all of your possessions with care. And, we consider every move from your point of view in order to ensure a high level of convenience from Boston to Memphis.


Moving from Boston to Memphis: The FAQs

How much are your Boston to Memphis moving services?

For interstate moves we charge a flat rate based on distance and the cubic footage of your belongings. Moving services to Memphis start at $2800. Let’s break that down.

Distance: We’ve made the move from Boston to Memphis many times. We know how long it takes, and how to get it done safely and expeditiously – milage + the accuracy of experience.

Cubic Footage: This is as straightforward as it gets. How much are you bringing with you? A bigger truck and a bigger team equals a higher cost. Look for ways to donate and downsize, it’ll help you get to Memphis, TN for a lot less.


No hidden fees?

We’re a professional Boston to Memphis moving company; gas, tolls, and equipment are factored into your quote. Our aim is to provide a stress-free, annoyance-free moving experience. Nobody likes a surprise on moving day!


Will stairs or cramped spaces be an issue?

Not at all. Our professional moving teams are trained to work in (and around) complicated moving situations. It may look impossible to you, but trust us, we’ve seen it before. That said, do let us know what to expect, so we can bring the necessary tools and equipment.


Do you have packing services?

We do! Whether it’s a few boxes or your entire residence we have the resources and experience to get you ready for Memphis. This is an add-on service, so be sure to let us know in advance so we can factor it into your quote.


Do you charge for in-person (or phone) consultations?

Absolutely not! A good moving experience starts with a good conversation. Hit us with all the questions and give us all the details. The better we communicate the better this partnership will work.

From Boston to Memphis,
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