Boston to Memphis Movers

Boston to Memphis Movers

Boston to Memphis Movers: What To Look For

Not just any Boston to Memphis movers will do. You know that. Chances are you’ve talked to at least one supposed Boston to Memphis moving company that said, “Sure we’ll take you to Memphis, we love Florida!” Long-distance moving requires a specific skill set that only a few companies, Cratos Moving included, can provide.

At Cratos we take a comprehensive approach to our Boston to Memphis moving services; pre-move advice, careful loading & unloading, GPS tracking while we’re on the road, and a post-move follow-up. Your attention is going to get pulled in every direction. That’s natural. Our goal is to be there for you, no matter where those Boston to Memphis thoughts take you – a 360-degree commitment.

Leaving Boston is never easy, but there is just something about Memphis! The taste of barbeque, the sound of the blues, the sights and energy of Beale St. – Memphis is an American classic. Maybe you chose it for practical reasons; the low cost of living and a strong job market. Maybe you chose it for adventurous reasons; a new culture, a wild change of pace. Whatever your motivations, you’re gonna love it! Before we hit the road, let’s clear up any doubts you may have about Cratos Moving and the Boston to Memphis moving experience we provide.


Boston to Memphis movers
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Movers From Boston to Memphis & The Little Things Done Right

All Boston to Memphis movers follow the same basic moving procedures, but that’s where the similarities end. Our focus on cost, care, and convenience has helped us transform those basic steps into an unrivaled moving service. 

Furniture Disassembly

We treat every piece of furniture as though it were an heirloom passed down for generations. It doesn’t matter if you bought it used or got tired of it long ago. It’s yours, and that makes it important.


Blanket Wrapping & Loading

We’ll carefully wrap your possessions in heavy moving blankets and load them with care. We work efficiently but never hurry. It’s a matter of respect, professionalism, and a job well done.



When you’re moving around the block, any truck that’s big enough will do. Interstate moving is different. You need the best available vehicles, packed with precision, and driven carefully. That’s what we offer.


Unwrapping & Reassembly

We want your new house to feel like a home from the moment we set down your furniture. We’ll unwrap, carefully reassemble, and make sure you feel settled before we head back to Boston.


Insurance & GPS Tracking

Moving from Boston to Memphis takes seven days. That’s a lot of time to wonder. We provide a comprehensive moving insurance policy and live GPS tracking so you can stay focused on the excitement of a fresh start.


Cost, Care & Convenience

We reduce costs via experience and efficiency. We handle all of your possessions with care. And, we consider every move from your point of view in order to ensure a high level of convenience from Boston to Memphis.


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Moving from Boston to Memphis: The FAQs

How much are your Boston to Memphis moving services?

For interstate moves we charge a flat rate based on distance and the cubic footage of your belongings. Moving services to Memphis start at $2800. Let’s break that down.

Distance: We’ve made the move from Boston to Memphis many times. We know how long it takes, and how to get it done safely and expeditiously – milage + the accuracy of experience.

Cubic Footage: This is as straightforward as it gets. How much are you bringing with you? A bigger truck and a bigger team equals a higher cost. Look for ways to donate and downsize, it’ll help you get to Memphis, TN for a lot less.


No hidden fees?

We’re a professional Boston to Memphis moving company; gas, tolls, and equipment are factored into your quote. Our aim is to provide a stress-free, annoyance-free moving experience. Nobody likes a surprise on moving day!


Will stairs or cramped spaces be an issue?

Not at all. Our professional moving teams are trained to work in (and around) complicated moving situations. It may look impossible to you, but trust us, we’ve seen it before. That said, do let us know what to expect, so we can bring the necessary tools and equipment.


Do you have packing services?

We do! Whether it’s a few boxes or your entire residence we have the resources and experience to get you ready for Memphis. This is an add-on service, so be sure to let us know in advance so we can factor it into your quote.


Do you charge for in-person (or phone) consultations?

Absolutely not! A good moving experience starts with a good conversation. Hit us with all the questions and give us all the details. The better we communicate the better this partnership will work.

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