Boston to Las Vegas Moving

Boston to Las Vegas Moving

Boston to Las Vegas Movers: Beyond the Bright Lights

Like most tourist towns, Las Vegas isn’t what tourists think it is. Casinos, shows, wild nights on The Strip; all of that is a minor (albeit flashy) part of the Vegas lifestyle. Las Vegas is a full-fledged metropolis. It has industry, arts, and incredible desert scenery. It’s an oasis that has steadily grown into one of America’s most liveable cities. Ask any recent Boston to Las Vegas transplant and they’ll tell you what a great decision moving from Boston to Las Vegas turned out to be: Boston will always be Boston, but there’s just something about Vegas!


Moving from Boston to Las Vegas: What You Ought to Know Before You Go

What’s the cheapest way to get from Boston to Las Vegas? 

Cratos Moving. Here’s why. We’ve done this move many times. We know exactly how to get from Boston to Las Vegas; crew size, fuel costs, quickest routes – all of it. Our experience allows us to cut costs based on efficiency. There is no guesswork in our quotes. If you find any Boston to Las Vegas movers offering to do it for less, chances are they’re advertising the route, but have never actually done it. The starting cost for the 7-day move is $3400. The formula is straightforward:


Cubic Footage + Mileage


There is one way to make getting from Boston to Las Vegas even cheaper...



Moving Hack: How to get from Boston to Las Vegas on the Cheap

It’s more easily said than done but, bring less and you’ll save more. All Boston to Las Vegas movers factor in cubic footage, so lighten the load. The weather is different in Las Vegas. The activities are different in Las Vegas. Ask yourself which pieces of your life in Boston can (and should) be left behind. 


Is gas included in the initial quote?   

Your initial quote is your final quote; gas and tolls included. Moving across the country requires precision. That $3400 starting number is based on data we’ve collected via research, and more importantly, via the experience of moving from Boston to Las Vegas on multiple occasions.


How about moving insurance?

Moving services from Boston to Las Vegas include a comprehensive 20k moving insurance policy. We take every precaution, and our safety record speaks for itself. But, there are nearly 3000 miles between Boston and Las Vegas, and we’re no dummies. We’re covered. You’re covered.


And live GPS tracking? 

We’re the best moving company to Las Vegas. Of course, we offer live GPS tracking! In all seriousness though, 7 days is a long time to be apart from all your worldly possessions. It makes our job easier knowing that you can track our progress and clearly see that the move is progressing smoothly and on time.


Ok, so why are you the best movers from Boston to Las Vegas, NV?

Furniture Disassembly

No matter how many times you’ve moved, it still feels weird having a moving team show up and take apart your stuff. We get that. We train our teams to be courteous, discuss details and preferences with our customers, and treat every piece of furniture as though it were their own. We employ absolute professionals. You’ll see.


Blanket Wrapping & Loading

The average temperature is 80 degrees in Vegas, but we’re still going to bring a lot of blankets. We’ll make sure that all of your belongings are heavily wrapped and secured before we load them on the truck. We can’t have you showing up in Sin City busted!



A successful cross country move requires more science than muscle. Every mile of your move from Boston to Las Vegas is mapped out ahead of time; the teams are prepped, the vehicles are cleaned and serviced, the route is fixed. We transport furniture in Boston, and from Boston to every major city in the United States. You will not find a better prepared moving company to Las Vegas. 


Unwrapping & Reassembly

As the premier Boston to Las Vegas movers, we understand that door-to-door service isn’t enough. We start the process early with advice and useful tips, then approach every stage of the move as a partnership. Unwrapping & reassembly is just a task. As far as we’re concerned, the job isn’t done until you’re comfortably set up, and ready to wave goodbye.


Cost, Care & Convenience

It’s the little things that really set apart from other Boston based long-distance movers. We run lean and smart in order to keep costs as low as possible. We hire the best available moving professionals and train them to handle every move the Cratos way. And we always try to see things from the customers’ point of view. How can we make moving from Boston to Las Vegas easier? How can we reduce stress and worry? How can we make our customers feel involved and listened to? Cost, care, and convenience; that’s what truly makes us the best movers from Boston to Las Vegas.

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A Phone Call

Start by picking up the phone. We’ll eagerly await your call, prepared for the opportunity to hear about what your moving project will entail. During that call, we’ll develop a moving plan best suited to your needs.

Packing & Loading

Our moving specialists are equipped with premium packing materials, so we can prepare your belongings for the move. We’ll then carefully load every item onto a well-maintained moving vehicle. We’ll be careful to handle every item with care.

Transportation With GPS

Now it’s time for our expert drivers to navigate the roads and make a quick, safe delivery to your new home. We’ll give you access to GPS tracking, which means you can monitor your belongings throughout the journey.

Need to Store Your Items?

If you need a place to keep your belongings safe overnight or over the course of a few months, take advantage of our secure storage facility. When you’re ready, we’ll complete the rest of the moving process.


Upon arrival at your new home, we’ll carefully unload every item. We’ll use your guidance to place boxes precisely where you want them. We’ll even reassemble any furniture, helping you get off to an easy start in your new home.

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How to get from Boston to Las Vegas?: As Straight a Line as Possible!

Boston is a uniquely American city, and heading out West is a uniquely American activity. Vegas is a logical next step for you. And, it’s not like you’re braving the Oregon Trail. The town Sinatra built has really come into its own.


Look Beyond The Strip

Las Vegas has a lot more to offer than sin. Explore up-and-coming neighborhoods like 18b, an aptly named 18-block area full of art galleries, trendy eateries, and vintage clothing shops. Then, hop in the car and drive! There are seven national parks within a few hours of Vegas including The Grand Canyon, Zion, and Arches!


Go Shopping

There is no state tax in Nevada. Remember our tip for how to move from Boston to Vegas cheaply? If you pack less, you’ll have more room to add bargain deals once you settle in. Oh, and locals get a discount at places all around town. Cash in on that!


Locals Like to Have Fun Too

Be social. You’ll find that despite its size, Vegas feels like a town where everyone knows each other. You’ll quickly find your people. And in the meantime, endless entertainment and some of the best restaurants in the world are just up the street.

Popular Routes from Boston

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