Boston to Jersey City Moving

It is difficult to feel secure personally when you are concerned about the reliability of the people who will be handling all of your household contents and personal belongings. We understand that at Cratos and we want you to feel a different level of comfort that will alleviate your anxiety and give you the peace of mind that you deserve while moving from Boston to Jersey City. We want you to ask plenty of questions and we do not mind sharing with you the fact that we put each of our Boston to Jersey City movers through a series of background checks and in-depth training. When your crew arrives on the scene, each member will be someone who you can trust to handle your things, be around your family, and to safely transport your contents while moving from Boston to Jersey City. Our trucks are also the safest and most high-performing vehicles around, because we have regular maintenance by only the best mechanics available. In addition, the interior of each truck within our fleet is inspected for cleanliness and will not be put on the road for moving to Jersey City, NJ unless up to the highest standards in appearance inside and out.

Why Move to Jersey City?


If fashion is your passion, then moving from Boston to Jersey City will be the quintessential relocation for you, because there is no sales tax on clothing. This is great for the bargain shopper or for those who like to spend a few dollars on their apparel. You can get the big city styles and prestige for prices that will not empty your wallet or leave you feeling guilty after moving to Jersey City, NJ. You will feel like a million bucks and you will look like it too. Another fascinating fact about moving from Boston to Jersey City is that you will have access to the waterfront walkway that extends over 18 miles. This is a lovely area for walking, jogging, biking or for taking the perfect selfies with a backdrop beyond compare. You will have no difficulty getting around the municipality, because New Jersey has a remarkable transportation system. You may be moving to Jersey City, NJ with a car, but if you want to be more environmentally conscious and save several dollars in commuting costs – you can access a bus from virtually anywhere in the city for a nominal rate. Not to mention, there are trains that will take you across state lines or to other cities in the state after moving from Boston to Jersey City making it easy to go from point A to point B leisurely or professionally.

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