Boston to Jacksonville FL Moving

Movers from Boston to Jacksonville: Sunshine Straight Ahead

It’s no big secret that Florida is a popular place to relocate. World-class beaches, great weather, low median home prices; if you’re looking for liveability and vacation vibes the Sunshine State has it all! Jacksonville, Florida’s biggest city, may not get the same acclaim as its cousins to the south but it should. It’s a sweet life kind of place. Festivals, long stretches of sand, custom golf courses, and a growing art scene; Jacksonville is that rare place where you can feel at home and yet find little escapes anytime you’d like. We’re the premier Boston to Jacksonville moving company and it’s a trip we never tire of making.


Moving from Boston to Jacksonville: Before You Pack that Flowered Shirt...

How much would it cost to move from Boston to Jacksonville?

The baseline price is $2600 and the move takes 7 days. Our formula is simple: mileage + the cubic footage of your belongings. The last thing you need to worry about is hidden fees and equipment charges. Transparency makes you happier. Transparency makes us happier. It’s the only way to move. 


How to make moving from Boston cheaper

Bring less stuff. All Boston to Jacksonville movers factor cubic footage into their pricing, so decide what needs to stay before we load the truck. Do you really need all that winter gear? How about those commemorative plastic cups you collected at Celtics games? You know what needs to go and what needs to stay. 


What kind of gas bill am I looking at?  

Zero. Zilch. Nothing. All gas and toll charges are factored into your quote. Moving from Boston to Jacksonville is a popular route for us. We know the roads and where to fill up. We have the historical data, and yet, we always consider the current cost of things. That’s just one of the reasons we are the cheapest way to get from Boston to Jacksonville.  


Does getting from Boston to Jacksonville include moving insurance? 

$20,000 worth in fact. Our policy covers any damage to your home (or possessions) during the move. Jacksonville is 1200 miles south. We don't want you to spend seven days worrying about potholes and speed bumps, so we take every precaution, including providing premium insurance coverage.


Do most Boston to Jacksonville movers include GPS tracking?

We certainly do! In fact, we were early adopters. Live GPS tracking was a perfect fit for the moving business. Customers are always grateful that they can keep track of our team’s progress, and our professional movers love knowing that their punctuality is appreciated!


Why are you the best movers from Boston to Jacksonville, FL?

Furniture Disassembly

How to transport furniture in Boston, or anywhere for that matter, starts with careful disassembly. Every moving pro in our team was once that kid that took everything apart, put it back together, and never lost a piece. It doesn’t matter how many tight corners and odd angles your house has, precision and accountability are in our DNA.


Blanket Wrapping & Loading

Blankets are essential equipment and we always bring more than we need. After all, even a professionally packed moving truck gets jostled around. The road from here to there might worry other Boston to Jacksonville movers, but not us!



Customer service isn’t all smiles and kind words. It’s about standards too. We transport furniture from Boston to Jacksonville, Boston to Dallas, Boston to almost everywhere. No matter the route, no matter how long it takes; we drive safely, arrive on time, and deliver our customers’ possessions in perfect condition. Among Boston movers, we are the standard.

Unwrapping & Reassembly

We don’t simply pick up your things in Boston and drop them off in Jacksonville. Our job is to help you relocate with confidence and ease. When we arrive at your new home, we’ll take as much time as needed to get you set and ready for your Jacksonville chapter.


Cost, Care & Convenience

We became the premier movers from Boston to Jacksonville by focusing on cost, care & convenience. Our practiced efficiency allows us to reduce customer costs. The care we take loading and unloading establishes trust. And the overall moving services from Boston we provide help reduce, if not eliminate, all the little worries that add up during an interstate move.


Moving from Boston to Jacksonville: Easy Living Coming Up!

You’re moving to Florida, obviously lifestyle was a big motivation. The great thing about Jacksonville is that it has just about everything the Sunshine State offers.   


Go to the beach...on a Wednesday!

Once you’re unpacked and ready to revel in that slow Florida living, go to the beach. Mickler’s Landing, Atlantic Beach; it doesn’t matter, they’re all beautiful. Jacksonville, FL is your home now. You can go to the beach mid-week anytime!


Make little escapes a regular thing

Amelia Island is right there. St. Augustine is right there. Ichetucknee Springs? Yeah, that’s right there too. Weekend exploration never gets old when there is so much to see. The Boston to Jacksonville transition leaves everyone with lots to look forward to. 


But don’t forget about your friends at Cratos Moving

Every move is a new experience for us – a new story. Keep in touch. Let us know how you’re settling in. Let us know if any new friends want to know how to get to Boston from Jacksonville. You asked us why we’re the best Boston to Jacksonville movers. There’s one thing we forgot to mention; we don’t simply move furniture, we help people start new lives in amazing places all over the country, and you’re up next!