Boston to Connecticut Moving

Boston to Connecticut Movers: Carrying You to Your New Home

Are you ready to go sailing on the Long Island Sound? Want to visit Mark Twain’s home? Would you like to tour Yale University, travel the Connecticut Wine Trail, or chow down at Chowdafest? Moving from Boston to Connecticut makes it all possible. In essence, moving to Connecticut gifts you the chance to experience the New England lifestyle through the lens of tranquility. And when you have the Boston to Connecticut movers who can get you there on a moment’s notice, you can begin enjoying that new life as soon as you’d like.

Welcome to Cratos, the Boston to Connecticut moving company with a reputation for efficiency, care, and professionalism. We show up on time, treat your belongings as though they’re our own, and work according to your schedule. We aim to make your Boston to Connecticut moving experience hassle-free, and we do just that by disassembling your furniture, loading and unloading your belongings, and reassembling your furniture upon delivery. And with comprehensive insurance coverage and blanket wrapping service, we provide peace of mind you wouldn’t expect from Boston to Connecticut movers.

As the movers from Boston to Connecticut armed with highly trained moving specialists, experienced drivers, and pristine equipment, Cratos is the top choice to help you make the 100-mile trek into the heart of The Constitution State. From transparent pricing to professional service, moving is hassle-free when you utilize our Connecticut movers. And that service remains in case you’ll ever be moving from Connecticut to Boston.

Furniture Disassembly

No matter the unique shape or bulky size of your furniture, our experienced Boston to Connecticut movers will be more than capable of disassembling every item before the loading process.

Blanket Wrapping & Loading

Any item that requires additional protection will receive blanket wrapping service as our Connecticut movers execute the loading procedure. While taking proper care, we’ll do so quickly and efficiently.


Understanding traffic patterns, having knowledge of the best routes, and driving with optimal safety are just some of the reasons why our expert drivers offer premier transportation services.

Unwrapping & Reassembly

Our efficiency and focus doesn’t end until you’re set up in your new home. That means we’ll unload every item and reassemble your furniture according to your directions upon delivery.

Moving Insurance

We aim to provide peace of mind throughout your Boston to Connecticut moving experience. One way we’re able to achieve that goal is by offering comprehensive insurance coverage.

Cost, Care & Convenience

As the top Boston to Connecticut moving company, we’ll respect your time by being punctual, we’ll respect your money by charging a fair rate, and we’ll respect you by handling every item with care.