Boston to Colorado Moving

Boston to Colorado Movers: Friendly, Respectful & Professional Service

There are very few Boston to Colorado movers that are truly capable of making the 2,000-mile journey into the heart of The Centennial State. As the Boston to Colorado moving company known for customer service, Cratos has the moving specialists, drivers, and equipment to get the job done right. Boston to Colorado moving requires focus, care, and perseverance throughout the interstate journey. Thanks to our experience, training, and unrivaled service, we have everything it takes.

Simply put, we offer more than what you’d expect from Boston to Colorado movers. In addition to comprehensive insurance coverage, our Colorado movers will blanket wrap your delicate items, disassemble your furniture, and carefully load a pristine moving truck. Upon arrival, the Cratos team will unload the vehicle, reassemble your furniture, and make sure you’re totally satisfied with your moving experience. We’re the movers from Boston to Colorado with a reputation for hassle-free service, and we’ll prove it.

Once you’re done moving from Boston to Colorado, it’s time to enjoy one of the most beautiful states in the country. Walk across the rolling sands of Great Sand Dunes National Park, trek through the Rocky Mountains, or take in the sights at Hanging Lake. Moving to Colorado gives you the opportunity to stay active through skiing, biking, hiking and more! But if you miss home, just remember that moving from Colorado to Boston is only a phone call away when you have Cratos on your team.

Furniture Disassembly

Moving to Colorado instantly becomes less daunting when you have qualified and well-trained moving specialists there to disassemble and load your furniture for you. Let Cratos get to work!

Blanket Wrapping & Loading

We truly care about protecting your belongings throughout the 2,500-mile journey, which is why we employ blanket wrapping service before carefully loading every item in a clean vehicle.


Moving from Boston to Colorado requires countless hours on the open road. Our drivers are experienced in interstate travel and know how to complete the journey safely and on time.

Unwrapping & Reassembly

Our service doesn’t end when we arrive at your new home. We’ll unload every item, place your belongings where you’d like, and reassemble your furniture for your convenience.

Moving Insurance

Professionalism is at the foundation of Cratos Moving. In addition to uniformed Colorado movers and industry-leading equipment, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage for peace of mind.

Cost, Care & Convenience

While others will show up late, overcharge, and take their sweet time, we’re the Boston to Colorado movers with transparent pricing, punctuality, and a mission to work as efficiently as possible.