Boston to California Moving

Boston to California Movers: Making Cross-Country Moving Simple

There aren’t many Boston to California movers with experience and proficiency making long-distance treks. After all, there’s 2,400 miles of open road between the two locations. That’s why you need Cratos, the Boston to California moving company known for cross-country service. Our drivers know how to navigate unfamiliar roads, our moving specialists understand how to protect your belongings, and our dispatchers ensure your move is completed with punctuality. Boston to California moving comes with the full array of obstacles that accompany any long-distance journey. Cratos provides the movers from Boston to California known for consistently overcoming each and every one of those obstacles with ease.

In addition to furniture disassembly and blanket wrapping, our GPS tracking service delivers a level of transparency you may not expect from Boston to California movers. Cratos team members will load and unload your belongings with care, all while making sure you’re happy with the plan of action. Our California movers are fully prepared to complete a safe delivery whether your new home is in the desert, in the middle of L.A., or anywhere in between.

Moving from Boston to California doesn’t just mean getting to enjoy wonderful weather all year long. Moving to California also means visiting vineyards in Napa Valley, taking a bike ride on the Santa Monica Pier, and lounging with your toes in the sand at Laguna Beach. But if you ever want to return home, Cratos makes moving from California to Boston simple and easy.

Furniture Disassembly

As your movers from Boston to California, we’ll do everything we can to make the experience pain-free. In that endeavor, we’ll disassemble your furniture before loading so you can focus on more important things.

Blanket Wrapping & Loading

Cratos truly cares about your moving experience. That’s why we protect your belongings with blanket wrapping service before loading. Our team members are trained to check every corner to ensure safe delivery to your home.


As California movers with experience making the 2,400-mile journey, our drivers will pick out the best routes for a safe and efficient trip. They’ll be armed with clean, well-maintained trucks to complete the delivery.

Unwrapping & Reassembly

Our job isn’t done when we arrive at your new home. We’ll also carefully reassemble your furniture and meticulously unwrap all belongings so you don’t have to. Cratos is your partner in the moving experience.

Moving Insurance

Insurance is a requirement for any Boston to California moving company, but that’s not why we include it. Our premier moving insurance policy covers your home and belongings to deliver peace of mind.

Cost, Care & Convenience

Although we take care with every item and on every roadway, Cratos movers work with focus, diligence, and efficiency that saves you money. With attention to detail and top-tier service, Cratos makes moving easy!