Boston to Buffalo, NY Moving

Boston to Buffalo, NY Moving

Boston to Buffalo Movers: A Little Help Goes a Long Way

Moving from Boston to Buffalo is a lot easier when you’ve got help. It’s only 450 miles, but it’s also furniture disassembly, loading & unloading, and driving a big truck on unfamiliar roads. The DIY route is tempting until you consider all the potholes along the way. By partnering with experienced Boston to Buffalo movers, you’ll eliminate stress, save time, and give yourself the freedom to focus on loose ends.  

You won’t find a better Boston to Buffalo moving company than Cratos. We don’t just load your belongings and drive, we take the time to walk you through the process and ensure that you’re 100% confident going in. That full-service commitment starts now. Below you’ll find information about the services we provide, the questions people ask, and the experiences they’ve had. But first, let’s take a moment to acknowledge what a great choice you're making moving to Buffalo from Boston.

There’s this sense that Buffalo is way up there, a big town on the border, away from it all. The truth is, Buffalo is perfectly located. Niagara Falls is right there. Lake Erie is right there. Toronto is right there. It’s an important hub with easy access to nature and fun day trips in every direction. You’ll enjoy a much lower cost of living, plus access to the great food and entertainment you’re used to. Why move from Boston to Buffalo? Why not?!

Boston to Buffalo, NY
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Boston to Buffalo Moving: Let’s Start with the Basics

There is no mystery to moving, it’s a process based on experience and precision. We hire the best professional movers in the Boston area and teach them how to use their skills to further our commitment to customer care, reduced cost, and overall convenience. They are experts in the basics of moving, and it shows.  

Furniture Disassembly
There is more to customer care than being careful. Our professional moving teams will make sure that you are comfortable with the disassembly plan. They’ll explain why and how. They understand that your furniture isn’t nuts and bolts, it’s memories moving from Boston to Buffalo.

Blanket Wrapping & Loading
Blanket wrapping is the easiest thing we do, and one of the most important. We’ll protect your belongings with heavy moving blankets and double-check to make sure that no corners or edges are exposed – a commitment to precision, a commitment to you.

Our vehicles are top-of-the-line, clean, and serviced after every move. Our teams have extensive experience moving from Boston to Buffalo, and we support them via efficient planning and en route assistance. We’re meticulous so you can be carefree. 

Unwrapping & Reassembly
Taking things apart is easier than putting them back together. Our professional moving teams work together and rely on their collective experience to ensure that your furniture is reassembled quickly and error-free. 

Moving Insurance 
We have a top-tier moving insurance policy that covers your home and all your possessions. It’s a requirement for any reputable Boston to Buffalo moving company, but it’s also a way to give our customers added peace-of-mind. 

Cost, Care & Convenience
When we are efficient you save money. When we work skillfully and with attention to detail, you feel cared for. When we make moving easy, you send new customers our way. Cost, care, and convenience; it’s what our partnership is all about!


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A Phone Call

Start by picking up the phone. We’ll eagerly await your call, prepared for the opportunity to hear about what your moving project will entail. During that call, we’ll develop a moving plan best suited to your needs.

Packing & Loading

Our moving specialists are equipped with premium packing materials, so we can prepare your belongings for the move. We’ll then carefully load every item onto a well-maintained moving vehicle. We’ll be careful to handle every item with care.

Transportation With GPS

Now it’s time for our expert drivers to navigate the roads and make a quick, safe delivery to your new home. We’ll give you access to GPS tracking, which means you can monitor your belongings throughout the journey.

Need to Store Your Items?

If you need a place to keep your belongings safe overnight or over the course of a few months, take advantage of our secure storage facility. When you’re ready, we’ll complete the rest of the moving process.


Upon arrival at your new home, we’ll carefully unload every item. We’ll use your guidance to place boxes precisely where you want them. We’ll even reassemble any furniture, helping you get off to an easy start in your new home.

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Boston to Buffalo Moving Company: The Top Five Questions

#1 How much will it cost to move from Boston to Buffalo?

The baseline rate starts at just $1600. The final cost will be adjusted based on mileage and the cubic footage of your belongings. There are no hidden fees or moving day surprises. We find that straightforward pricing is the quickest route to trust.

Cubic Footage: You don’t have to start binge-watching minimalism documentaries, but if you can reduce what you bring to Buffalo, it’ll save you money. We’re guessing you have a few, “I don’t know what to do with this” boxes already. Start there!

Mileage: Fuel and tolls are measurable and easily factored into mileage. The support and experience of our professional Boston to Buffalo movers is also factored in, but that’s the kind of value a calculator can’t add.


#2 Are there any restrictions in terms of what I can box up?

Any flammable household items are a no-go; paint, motor oil, cleaning products. Beyond that, it comes down to common sense and legality. If there is anything in particular that you’re unsure about, just ask us during the consultation.


#3 How much info do you need about my house/apt?

We’ll ask you a few questions in order to gauge the size and complexity of your move, but there is no need for you to spend time measuring hallways and staircases. Our teams have dealt with every challenge Boston to Buffalo moving has to offer. They’ll be ready.


#4 Is GPS tracking included in your Boston to Buffalo moving services?

It is! Our customers love being able to track our progress. It allows them to see an on-time delivery play out in real-time! We love it too. It gives our drivers peace-of-mind and increases our ability to keep you informed and involved at every stage of the move.


#5 Are there any fees for the initial phone (or in-person) consultation?

Moving from Boston to Buffalo requires planning and precision. A detailed consultation allows us to show up on moving day prepped and ready to deliver mistake-free results. We could never charge you for something so essential to our core principles of cost, care, and convenience.

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