Boston to Augusta Movers

Boston to Augusta Movers

Boston to Augusta Movers: Big Decisions Made Easy

Have you been daydreaming about evening strolls along the Augusta Riverwalk; cool breeze blowing off the Savannah, restaurants bustling, new friends passing by? Of course, you have! Augusta is a beautiful town and a wonderful place to call home, but no one moves from Boston to Georgia on a whim! Relocating to Augusta requires a plan. What do I pack? What route do I take? Do I need to hire professional Boston to Augusta movers? Don’t worry, we know the way.

Moving from Boston to Augusta: Keep it Simple, Safe and Secure

Augusta is a straight shot down the I-95s, and yet, it feels like a world away, doesn’t it? You probably have a million non-packing and moving related things on your mind; adapting to Augusta, maintaining a connection to Boston, so let’s see if we can make moving to Augusta as simple and straightforward as possible.

“What are the steps? Walk me through the process.”

When you choose Cratos Moving, you know that you’re getting the best available Boston to Augusta movers. Our team will handle your possessions with care and treat you and your family with kindness and respect. It’s how we train. It’s who we are. After that, it’s a simple four step process:  

  • Furniture Disassembly.
  • Blanket Wrapping & Loading.
  • Transportation.
  • Unwrapping & Reassembly.

We don’t take risks and we don’t rush. That’s why we’re the best movers in Boston.

“Do you provide insurance? I don’t like taking chances.”

Yes, absolutely. We carry moving insurance of up to $20,000. It’s a comprehensive policy that covers both your possessions and any damage to your home or business. It’s not there for need, it’s there for reassurance. We want your Boston to Augusta move to be as worry free as possible.    

“What about fuel and tolls! Who pays for that?”

Moving to Augusta does come with its fair share of tolls but all fees and fuel costs are included in your official quote. That number doesn’t fluctuate. If fuel prices go up, that’s on us. Your Boston to Augusta moving costs are fixed.

“Can I track your progress?”

You can. We provide live GPS tracking so you’ll be able to make the Boston to Augusta move at your own pace and along your own route with the knowledge that your possessions are safely in transit.  

“How long does the move take? And what does it cost?”   

Relocating from Boston to Augusta is a 7-day move that starts at $2300. It’s a straightforward formula: mileage + the cubic footage of your belongings. That’s it. We are upfront about the cost because we don’t want cost to be the tipping point. The cheapest way to move from Boston to Augusta is not always the best way. Doing it yourself may be cheaper but is it worth the stress and sweat? Everyone needs help moving. Let us provide you with the best available mix of cost, care and convenience.


Boston to Augusta movers
2-3 days delivery


Cost, Care & Convenience: A Mission and a Method



There are a lot of ways to measure the cost of moving from Boston to Augusta; money, time, stress. We are among the cheapest movers in Boston but we’re also very good at what we do. Our professionalism and practiced approach will reduce time, stress and your overall cost.  



Having a sense of home is important, especially when you move to a new city and state. We’ll  ensure that the life you left in Boston (the boxable parts anyway) are safely transported and delivered. We’ll handle your possessions with care and drive safely along a route we’ve driven countless times before. We’ll help you feel at home in Augusta.   



Relocating from Boston to Augusta is something that you could do yourself. But why? It’s back breaking work that requires skill and patience. And yet, we love it. We really do. It’s a job, an adventure and a chance to see the country. Let us do this so you don’t have to.


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Moving to Augusta:  Get Excited. You’re Almost There!

Remember where we started? A stroll along the Augusta Riverwalk? That’s where we want you to be; daydreaming, planning, prepping for life in Augusta, not fretting about the move that gets you there. Let’s work together.   

While we’re disassembling your furniture…


Get to Know Augusta

Augusta has a rich cultural history. Dive in. Research upcoming events, city tours and historical landmarks. Join local groups on social media. Make a list of restaurants you want to try. Get an idea of what your Saturdays and summers are going to look like. 

While we are wrapping everything in blankets…


Schedule a Donation Pick-Up
Every move is an opportunity to get rid of things you don’t need. Goodwill, Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity all offer home pick-up services. By giving to those in need you’ll lower your overall moving costs!

While we are safely transporting your things from Boston to Augusta…


Take a Road Trip!

New York, Maryland, Virginia, the Carolina’s; the diversity you’ll see moving Boston to Augusta is unbelievable! Take time to see the sights; Shenandoah National Park, Mount Vernon, the Outer Banks! Make relocating to Augusta an adventure.

While we are unloading and reassembling your furniture…


Relax and Enjoy the Comforts of Your New Home

Just being in Augusta is going to feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Give us a bit of direction and we’ll get everything set up while you explore the town and soak in the sights & sounds of your new home.     

Choose Cratos Moving. We’re upfront about our costs, transparent about our approach and we go out of our way to provide you with the trust and confidence needed to focus on the non-packing and loading details of your move.

Allow us to take care of your move from Boston to Augusta.

And next time we’re in town, you can give us some local tips.



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