Boston to Albuquerque Moving

Boston to Albuquerque Moving

Boston to Albuquerque Movers? That’s an Easy Choice.

You’re cruising down Route 66. In front of you is Albuquerque, New México with the Sandia Mountains rising to the east and the iconic Rio Grande running straight through the middle. Behind you is Boston, full of memories, stories and those brutal New England winters! Relocating to Albuquerque has been in your plans for a while now and you wanted to do it right. Hiring Cratos Moving allowed you to make the trip as simple and stress-free as possible. All your possessions big and small are being handled with care, so you’re taking the long way, because the long way is a luxury you can afford.

I’m still planning my move from Boston to Albuquerque! And I have questions!

We know but now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of what’s ahead…


Moving from Boston to Albuquerque: All Your Questions Answered


Albuquerque is a long way from Boston – 2250 miles to be exact! It’s a trip that covers the better part of the continental U.S., and a route that we are very familiar with. To us it isn’t Ohio, Missouri, Texas and all the rest, it’s a straight line and a proven system. Over the course of the 7-day, Boston to Albuquerque move, we handle all the planning and protective measures so you don’t have to.


Ok, now on to your questions. Fire away!

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“So how does this work?”

First, you decide that our guys are the best available Boston to Albuquerque movers. (Good decision by the way.) Then, it becomes a simple four step process:


Furniture Disassembly Blanket Wrapping & Loading Transportation Unwrapping & Reassembly


Our teams are carefully trained to handle your possessions with the utmost care. Our reputation depends on the safe and efficient delivery of your home boxed and loaded. We don’t rush and we don’t take risks. The work is too important.


“Ok, but what if something does break?”

For peace-of-mind (and yes, because what-if could happen) we carry moving insurance up to $20,000. The policy covers both your possessions and any damage to your home or business. What-if isn’t going to happen but we want you to breathe easy.  


“And gas? Who pays for that?”

All fuel and toll charges are included in your official quote. There’s no wiggle room. If gas prices go up, they go up. Your Boston to Albuquerque moving costs are fixed.


“Then what? Wave goodbye in Boston? See ya in Albuquerque?”

Absolutely! We’ll be making the Boston to Albuquerque move slow and safe. There’s no need for you to tag along, especially since we offer Live GPS Tracking, allowing you to follow us no matter where you are along the route!


“How much is this gonna cost me?”   

The 7-day Boston to Albuquerque move starts at $2400. The math is simple: mileage + the cubic footage of your belongings. That’s it. We offer a transparent formula with no hidden fees because we don’t want cost to be the tipping point. The DIY route might be the cheapest way to move from Boston to Albuquerque but no one can offer you a better mix of cost, care and convenience than Cratos Moving:


Our Reviews


A Phone Call

Start by picking up the phone. We’ll eagerly await your call, prepared for the opportunity to hear about what your moving project will entail. During that call, we’ll develop a moving plan best suited to your needs.

Packing & Loading

Our moving specialists are equipped with premium packing materials, so we can prepare your belongings for the move. We’ll then carefully load every item onto a well-maintained moving vehicle. We’ll be careful to handle every item with care.

Transportation With GPS

Now it’s time for our expert drivers to navigate the roads and make a quick, safe delivery to your new home. We’ll give you access to GPS tracking, which means you can monitor your belongings throughout the journey.

Need to Store Your Items?

If you need a place to keep your belongings safe overnight or over the course of a few months, take advantage of our secure storage facility. When you’re ready, we’ll complete the rest of the moving process.


Upon arrival at your new home, we’ll carefully unload every item. We’ll use your guidance to place boxes precisely where you want them. We’ll even reassemble any furniture, helping you get off to an easy start in your new home.

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How did you hear about us?


Cost, Care & Convenience: Let’s Unpack That



Because it’s difficult work. Because you’ve got a million other things to do. Because Albuquerque isn’t exactly around the corner. Moving is stressful. Everyone says so. We’re the oddballs that look at an empty moving truck like it's a game of grownup Tetris. Our team loves this stuff! Why deal with stress? Why rob yourself of valuable transition time? We do this so you don’t have to.



We pack your things as though they were our own. We load them into high-quality vehicles that are serviced regularly. We drive safely and in accordance with a schedule that allows us to complete the move from Boston to Albuquerque on time, every time. We understand that your things are not things at all, they are the pieces of your life disassembled in Boston and reassembled in Albuquerque. There’s delicacy and importance in that. You can rest assured that while many things in your new life will be different after relocating to Albuquerque, the condition of your possessions will remain unchanged.



Cost isn’t just about money. You know that. It’s about care and convenience too. We're one of the cheapest movers in Boston but we’re also the best. We reduce costs, stress and the odds of what-if ever happening. When you add all that up, it’s a helluva deal.



Relocating to Albuquerque: It’s a Team Effort!

We take care of everything that requires wrapping, lifting and transporting but as you know moving Boston to Albuquerque is a whole life shift. There are considerations that require your attention well before you search for “best moving company Boston to Albuquerque.” (Hint: It’s us!). Your basic pre-move checklist should include:


Take Only What You Need

Be honest. You’re never going to untangle that ball of Christmas lights or get around to selling your old board games on Ebay. And do you know what they have in Albuquerque? EVERYTHING. Moving from Boston to Albuquerque is an opportunity to declutter. Take advantage of that. Reduce what you take, reduce what you spend. 


Get To Know Your New Home

You’re probably already doing this but dive into the Albuquerque scene; read local news stories, check out ABQ 365 to learn about where to eat and what to do, follow local businesses on social media. Moving Boston to Albuquerque is going to be a transition but who says you have to be there to get acclimated?


Make Moving an Adventure  

You’re moving to Albuquerque! Albuquerque gets 310 days of sunshine a year. In the winter, you can ski or snowboard in the morning and play golf in the afternoon. You can go to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta every year. You’ve got a lot to look forward to!

But why rush it?

Cratos Moving is going to handle all the heavy lifting, leaving you the freedom to relocate from Boston to Albuquerque anyway you choose; by air, straight down I-90 W or via the great meandering American road trip!

Boston is behind you.

Albuquerque is ahead.

Everything in between is us and you – moving, exploring and loving it all!

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