15 Reasons to Move to New York

15 Reasons to Move to New York

How many times have you asked yourself, “should I move to NYC?” If you have, you’re certainly not alone. Many consider the move to The Big Apple, but how can you tell if it’s right for you? If you want to know why New York City is the best place to live for so many individuals, you’re in the right place. Why move to New York? We’re going to tell you. And we’re not just going to give you 10 reasons to move to New York. We’re going to give you 15 reasons! It’s time to finally answer the question, “should I move to New York?” Ready? Here we go!


Why You Should Move to New York

Career Opportunity

Why do people move to NYC? For one, it’s an absolute massive hub for businesses of all kinds. From finance to fashion to construction and beyond, many businesses run their operation from The Big Apple. Now, make no mistake—not everyone will walk in, ask for a job, and find themselves on a path to a successful career. But if you’re a hard worker who’s ready to earn your way, there’s no place for career opportunities like New York City.


Food Options

Why live in NYC? Well, because it’s delicious, of course. There’s food of virtually every kind all throughout the city. So, you can grab a quick bite at the hot dog stand just outside, or head to a 5-star restaurant for a lovely evening out. And don’t sleep on New York pizza or bagels. These are among the culinary gems that New York has to offer. So get out there and fill your belly! Oh, and don’t forget to exercise.



This is perhaps the worst kept secret in the world: entertainment is why people move to New York. No matter how you find excitement and joy, there’s something for you. In fact, there are probably a dozen somethings for you. Head to a Broadway Show. Hit the pub or nightclub. Catch a game, be it baseball, basketball, football, hockey, or soccer. Catch some live music at a local restaurant. Or simply go chat at the cafe down the street. It’s up to you!


The Diversity

There’s really no other place in the world where you can find such a diverse and eccentric grouping of people from all types of cultures, backgrounds, and types. Part of life is learning about other people, and New York gives you an incredible chance to do just that. If you move to New York, there’s a very high chance that you’ll end up making life-long friendships with people you otherwise never would have connected with. When people talk about the magic of New York City, this doesn’t get mentioned enough.


The History

Although it’s never the first answer when people ask, “why should I live in New York,” the city’s history is a great reason to do just that. From the Federal Hall National Memorial to the Stonewall National Monument and Seaport District NYC, there’s history strewn throughout The Big Apple. Of course, you can also pay your respects and experience something truly powerful and unique by visiting The 9/11 Memorial where the towers of the World Trade Center once stood.


The Sports

If you’re a lover of professional sports, you’ll certainly get your fill in New York City. In fact, you don’t just get one team for each major sport. You get two! You’ve got the Yankees and Mets in baseball, the Giants and Jets in football, the Islanders and Rangers in hockey, the Knicks and Nets and basketball, and the Red Bulls and NYCFC in soccer. Plus, your favorite team is likely coming to town very soon with so many teams based in New York.


Art & Architecture

While New York is a hub for many things, art stands out among them. There’s art everywhere when you travel through New York City. Of course, the fashion of this city is artwork of its own, but there’s also artistry in the architecture of the buildings. And if you’re interested in art exhibits, you can check out Time Out or one of the many incredible venues where art thrives on a regular basis in this city.


Higher Pay

Why live in New York? Well, to be perfectly honest, it’s not for the cost of living. As everyone knows, New York City is among the most expensive cities in the world. However, that’s countered by the fact that New York’s workers are among the best compensated! So living, eating, and shopping will be expensive, but the higher pay will likely make up for that fact. And when you go out of New York, your dollars go even further!


Endless Shopping

From corner store thrift shops to high end boutiques, there’s shopping of all kinds to be done in New York City. Just getting a chance to experience the variety is one reason why you should go to New York. Of course, The Big Apple is a central hub for fashion. That’s why you’ll find giants like Michael Kors, Coach, Brooks Brothers, Ann Taylor, Polo Ralph Lauren, and so many others. But that doesn’t mean you always have to shop at the “fancy” places. You’ll find hidden gems in some of New York’s more affordable shops.


Perfect for Walkers

The benefits of walking are plentiful. From getting the chance to clear your mind to remaining fit, walking is a great thing. In New York, walking is a must. Sure, it may not be the most convenient way to get around. But you’ll save money on transportation (you don’t even need a car in most cases) and be healthier when you walk everywhere rather than driving. Of course, you should remember to bring your winter clothes for walking when the colder months come around.


Public Transportation

New York City gets a tough reputation for the subway system, but there’s no denying that the complex web of subways, trains, buses, and more will get you where you need to go. Of course, you’ll want to master the different routes as soon as possible. But once you do, you’ll have no trouble getting around. Plus, you’ll be a true New Yorker once you know the subway system like the back of your hand!


Central Park

World famous central park is a wonder of the world, if you ask me. In the middle of a busy, work-obsessed, and gray city is a beautiful, green, quiet patch of grass that exists for your relaxation. It’s a chance to take a mini vacation in the middle of a busy workday. Go throw out a blanket and have a romantic picnic or take a stroll to relax your mind. There’s simply nothing quite like Central Park.


The Views

Sure, it depends on where you live and where you gain access, but there are breathtaking views in so many different parts of the city. And you don’t even have to be at the top of the Empire State Building to get one. You’ll likely have a great view of Manhattan or a city bridge from the top of your apartment building. If you’re lucky, you’ll have an incredible view right from your window! And you can always go searching for new views.


The Statue of Liberty

Everyone knows the Statue of Liberty, but how many people get an up-close look at the structure’s beauty? Not many. In fact, only those who go to New York City. And as a resident of The Big Apple, you might be able to catch a view of Lady Liberty on your commute to and from work. Take a day trip to go for a visit and breathe in the history. When you do, make sure to note the incredible meaning of this beautiful statue.


You Can Say You’re a New Yorker

There’s no denying that being “a New Yorker” carries a weight unlike most cities in this world. There’s a subtle pride and a not-so-subtle swagger that comes with such a title. But perhaps more than anything else, calling yourself “a New Yorker” tells others that you’ve come to one of the most eccentric, unique, and challenging places in the world...and made it! Like Frank Sinatra said, “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.”


Ready to Move to New York City?

The reasons to move to New York are virtually endless, but we’ve listed the biggest and best right here. From the entertainment to the career opportunities to the art and beyond, you won’t find another place like New York City. So, are you ready to make the jump? Are you ready to become a New Yorker? Whenever that time comes, be sure to get in touch. We’ll be happy to get you there.

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